The Real Calvin and Hobbes

Damn funny!


By: Nina Matsumoto

Yeah…I’m a dork.  So what??


19 responses to “The Real Calvin and Hobbes

  1. That’s funny!

  2. Whenever I took a philosophy or history class and the professor would mention either Calvin or Hobbes, I would make the obvious joke about tigers. But, I never thought of doing the reverse and making the philosophers into the comic strip characters.

  3. I don’t know…I think those two Garfield movies were far more blasphemous than this (although, as always, Bill Murray was awesome!).

  4. (this is a test comment, my comments haven’t been posting.)

  5. Kym, I have no idea why your comments were suddenly classified as spam.

    Clearly Max is behind it all…she will stop at nothing to steal Jayne from you. Shameless.

  6. Here I thought it was the bad fairy.

    How exciting to see words in print again. I feel real.

    I have been passing the time wonderfully with Jayne so nyahh to Max.

  7. It wasn’t me. I was at the library. Reading to orphans. Blind orphans.

  8. Reading to blind orphans, were you? Sounds plausible. If you had said that you were reading to deaf orphans, then I would have been suspicious.

  9. Dan, You are so naive. Max is dangerous. Don’t you remember the only reason she likes children is because sometimes they tell her how beautiful she is.

    Doesn’t this sound like Snow White’s stepmother?

    I’ve heard her.

    Children, Children in the mall
    Who’s the most beautiful of all?

    As long as they said, “Max,” they were safe but once they answered,

    Queen, We must explain
    Kym is far sexier and she’s with Jayne

    that was it. She blinded them.

    She keeps them in the library in her castle and reads them the stock report and excerpts from Fox news.

  10. Hmm….I’m confused, Kym. Is that supposed to make me think less of Max? Because, y’know, not really working.

  11. Dan, Max has me in her thrall (except for where Jayne is concerned). She knows your inner nature and what thrills you and makes me say things like this.

  12. That’s a relief. For a minute there I was worried that I was the only one in Max’s thrall.

  13. I hear her and obey.

  14. Speaking of dungeons, jeez.

  15. Dungeons? Did I miss the dungeons?

  16. Fear not, that dungeon is totally calling your name.

  17. Oh Max, you say the sweetest things.

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