The Doctor Comes…

Yes, my friends, there is more newsy goodness about Joss Whedon’s upcoming musical epic web-stravaganza, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

First…an official website is now up, where you can watch the teaser trailer and sign-up to receive updates via e-mail.

B…or, second…the Whedon One himself has posted a bunch of information about the series here. In true Joss fashion, he tells us why he decided to make Dr. Horrible, when each of its three acts will be available online–July 15th, July 17th and July 19th–and mentions the awesome, extras-packed DVD that will eventually be released. Oh, and there’s some stuff about dancing mushrooms and Teamsters.

Third…or, um, C…Joss asks everyone to spread the word about DHSAB (did I just create its official fan-cronym??), so that is what I am doing. And, I ask that you all do the same.


9 responses to “The Doctor Comes…

  1. You forgot the best part. Nathan Fillion. Yay!

  2. Yes and no. I didn’t mention Our Captain in this post…but did say that he’s going to be in Doctor Horrible in an earlier one–with Neil Patrick Harris and redheaded nerd-goddess Felicia Day, nonetheless.

    Everyone wins!

  3. As long as I don’t have to sing along, I’m watching.

  4. I’m fully into the idea of Kym singing along. Can we podcast that?

  5. Kym…look at the title. It’s a SING-ALONG BLOG. If you don’t sing along, the Master will get upset.

  6. I am eating popcorn waiting for the word “submit” to appear in this convo. This could get good.

  7. Who will be submitting to whom?

  8. Do not ask me ask Kym.


  9. Joss Whedon is a genius but…submitting to his will is less exciting than submitting to Jayne especially if it involves me singing.

    And, podcasting me singing could be hazardous to the internet.

    Oooo Dan, I just realized your blog asks me to submit too… I can’t resist.

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