And the Unhealthy Obsession Continues…*

Which character from NBC’s The Office am I?

Jim Halpert


“You are the kind of person that everyone likes. You are funny, laid back, and not bad looking. You love practical jokes and having a fun time with your friends. However, because you are so laid back you often let the things that are most important to you get away. I miss Dwight. Congratulations Universe, you win.”


*The fact that I have suddenly accepted the awesome that is the American version of The Office with wild and youthful abandon reminds me of this little bit of dialogue between Xander and Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s “The Zeppo”:

Xander: But… It’s just that it’s buggin’ me, this ‘cool’ thing. I mean, what is it? How do you get it? Who doesn’t have it? And who decides who doesn’t have it? What is the essence of cool?
Oz: Not sure.
Xander: I mean, you yourself, Oz, are considered more or less cool. Why is that?
Oz: Am I?
Xander: Is it about the talking? You know, the way you tend to express yourself in short, noncommittal phrases?
Oz: Could be.
Xander: I know! You’re in a band! That’s like a business-class ticket to cool with complementary mojo after takeoff! I gotta learn an instrument. Is it hard to play guitar?
Oz: Not the way I play it.
Xander: Okay, but on the other hand: eighth grade. I’m taking the flügelhorn and gettin’ *zero* trim. So the whole instrument thing could be a mislead. But you need a thing, one thing nobody else has. What do I have?
Oz: An exciting new obsession. Which I feel makes you very special.


2 responses to “And the Unhealthy Obsession Continues…*

  1. I’m Toby….sigh….sounds kinda dull. On the other hand, he’s a decent guy and Michael thinks he’s pure evil (I love that dynamic in the show), so that makes him kinda interesting.

  2. I probably would have been pleased with most of the results…although these days, Jim does seem most fitting.

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