"Evolution is a part of nature and nature kills."

What character from Heroes am I?



“You are very aggressive. You like to pick fights and play mind games. You’ve got it coming.”

It’s not my fault.  It’s the hunger.  Honest.

Which character are you?


20 responses to “"Evolution is a part of nature and nature kills."

  1. WTF?? Okay, I don’t watch the show, but I am exactly half Hiro, and half Sylar. Just like in real life – HA!!

  2. Whoa…I didn’t realize you could get halfsies.

    Guess I’m more evil than even I thought.

  3. I never doubted it. I took one look at you and knew E-V-I-L. And, of course I can get halfsies. I AM halfsies!

  4. WAAAAA-HahahahahahaAAAA!!!! P took the test and is the hot cheerleader!

  5. Jesus…what is going on in the Cleve?

  6. Yes, indeed. What IS going on here?

  7. ‘Tis all true…..

  8. …..wanna see my pompoms??????

  9. GAH! My eyes!!

    I’ll pass, thanks.

  10. You could just blast his pom-poms with your lasers, or whatever superhero/mutant power thingy you have on hand, right? Isn’t that what being evil is all about? Not having to put up with disgusting pom-poms?

  11. ………….some evil-doer you turned out to be Danno…….scared of some pompoms………

  12. ……if you are going to ask your readers to take the test you must be prepared for the consequences…….

  13. I guess I need more evil practice…anyone have a basket full of kittens I can deep-fry?

  14. ………..how could you say that on Catturday!!!!!!

  15. Deep-fried kittens are a delicacy, Faust. You can’t just become an evil genius by going to culinary school. Though you could try.

  16. ………….when we get back to NYC we’ll have you over for dinner and evil-lessons…….

  17. And THEN the world will be doomed. Doomed, I say! DOOOOOMED!!

  18. Hmm.

    You are part Peter. You’re too sincere, but it works for you. Your family is very supportive despite your idealism.

    You are part Jessica. You are a two-faced bitch most of the time. Friends are friends, and enemies don’t want to be your enemies. No one messes with you.

    Talk about split personality quiz. I would rather be Sylar.

  19. ………..I’m waiting for the test for “which member of the Dirty Dozen/Magnificent Seven/Great Escape-r’s are you”, with added bonus points for hitting the Charles Bronson character in all three……

  20. Let’s see.. I’m also part Sylar and part Peter: You’re too sincere, but it works for you. Your family is very supportive despite your idealism.

    So I’m a complete contradiction. Typical.

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