Top 10 TV Shows of 2010

It looks like I didn’t make a Top TV Shows list last year. It could be that there weren’t enough new shows that really rang my bell or (more likely) I just forgot.

Fret not, cats and kittens, the list is back:

1. Human Target (Fox)

I never read the DC comic Human Target is based on, but I did watch the first attempt at adapting it to the small screen, the short-lived Rick Springfield series. Look, I grew up on shows like Airwolf, The A-Team, Knight Rider, and MacGyver, these kinds of shows are in my blood. So, when a network decides to give a show like Human Target a shot, I’m going to watch it.

2. The Good Guys (Fox)

It’s the classic buddy cop formula: straight-laced cop teamed with reckless loose cannon–although this time around, it’s the younger partner who is the by-the-book square and the veteran cop who’s the gung-ho, shoot-first maniac. The Good Guys pokes fun at the shift in TV cops from the insane hero cops of the 1970s and 1980s to the methodical (and more realistic?) detectives of modern cop shows. Also: any show that used “Whitford. Hanks. Mustache.” as a promo needed to be watched.

3. No Ordinary Family (ABC)

There was a very real possibility that Heroes destroyed any chance of ever seeing comic book-style superheroes on TV again. Ever. But, ABC’s No Ordinary Family proves it can still be done. Taking a cue from both The Fantastic Four and The Incredibles, the story of the Powell family coming to grips with their new powers is both fun and funny. I felt that there was a lot of wheel-spinning in the first few episodes, but things seem to be back on track.

4. Warehouse 13 (SyFy)

While everyone moans about the loss of Caprica and Stargate: Whatchamacallit, Warehouse 13 shows what SyFy does best–slightly off-kilter romps that combine action, drama, and comedy (think Eureka, The Invisible Man, and, yes, even Farscape). To be honest, the first half of the first season was a little bland. But, with the addition of Allison Scagliotti’s Claudia–the perfect foil for Saul Rubinek’s Artie–and the second season’s H.G. Wells storyline, Warehouse 13 is kicking major ass.

5. Blue Bloods (CBS)

Following the Reagan family–three generations of New York cops, with a few lawyers tossed in for good measure–Blue Bloods is equal parts cop show and family drama. And, I’m surprised to say, that I actually enjoy the family drama part more than the cop part. Some of the show’s best moments are when the Reagan clan are gathered around the table for Sunday dinner.

6. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (Disney XD)

For a long time, Marvel was lagging behind DC in the realm of kick-ass cartoons. Sure, there was X-Men: Evolution and The Spectacular Spider-Man, but there wasn’t anything with the universe-wide cohesion of DC’s Animated Universe. Until now.

7. Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

I’m too young to remember the original Hawaii Five-O, except in syndicated reruns. But, I do remember that awesome theme song and “Book ’em, Danno.” The 2010 remake made sure to keep them both.

8. Sherlock (BBC)

I am very picky about my Sherlock Holmes. For me, it doesn’t get any better than Jeremy Brett (and Guy Ritchie can go fuck himself). But this… The BBC’s update of Holmes is…well, it’s incredible. Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes. Martin Freeman as Watson. Steven Moffat at the helm. The only problem I have with Sherlock is that there were just not enough episodes in the first season. More, please.

9. Doctor Who (BBC)

I was honestly quite nervous when I first heard about David Tennant leaving Doctor Who. I loved his incarnation of The Doctor. Then I saw Matt Smith (and, to be fair, Karen Gillan). This latest season of Doctor Who–with Steven Moffat taking over for Russell T. Davies–feels like a completely new show. And I don’t mean that as a criticism. There was a freshness to this season, and I quite like it.

10. Rizzoli & Isles (TNT)

I haven’t read the series of novels by Tess Gerritsen upon which this show is based (loosely, I’m led to believe, not unlike how Bones is “inspired by” Kathy Reichs’ novels), but a show with a detective and a coroner who are best friends is right up my alley.


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