Gotham Central was…well, let’s be honest: it was freaking amazing. It was probably one of the best comics of the last decade. As the title implies, Gotham Central dealt with the men and women of the Gotham City Police Department and the unique position they often found themselves in while trying to protect and serve a city that’s plagued by the likes of The Joker, Mad Hatter, and Two-Face. What made Gotham Central great was that, while he was always a “presence” in the book, Batman rarely appeared. This book was about the regular citizens of Gotham City.

With the recent announcement that FX has greenlit a pilot for Bendis and Oeming’s Powers, it’s the perfect time to think about a weekly Gotham Central television series (or another one, I guess, since it was once considered by the WB).

Tom Selleck as Commissioner James Gordon

To those of you who only know Selleck as Thomas Magnum, stop. Stop reading and go check out his new series Blue Bloods. Selleck’s Commissioner Reagan is so Gordon it isn’t funny.


Sarah Shahi as Detective Renee Montoya

A lot of the internet seems to think Michelle Rodriguez would make a good Montoya. Personally, I don’t really think she’s a good actress…and, besides, Sarah Shahi is awesome (and kicked butt on Life).


Andre Braugher as Detective Crispus Allen

Braugher played the greatest television cop in the history of forever on Homicide. I’d give anything to see him playing Montoya’s partner on a GC series.


Kari Matchett as Captain Maggie Sawyer

On Covert Affairs, Matchett runs the CIA’s field operations with an iron fist. Maggie Sawyer is no slouch, either, having transferred to the GCPD after working for the Metropolis PD’s Special Crimes Unit. Who better to play Capt. Sawyer?


Sean Maher as Detective Nick Gage

Detective Nicholas “St. Nick” Gage is a rising star on the GCPD. He’s young and eager and a perfect role to bring Firefly‘s Maher back to television.


Louis Lombardi as Detective Harvey Bullock

Lombardi’s been around the block: 24, Fantasy Island, The Sopranos. I have a soft spot for the guy and think he could bring it as the GCPD’s resident cranky, slovenly detective.


Gabrielle Union as Detective Josephine “Josie Mac” MacDonald

I just like Gabrielle Union…


Gillian Anderson as Detective Romy Chandler

It’s been too long since Gillian Anderson pointed a gun at things on my television.


Angela Sarafyan as Stacy

Sarafyan played the awkwardly adorable CSI Samantha Evans on The Good Guys. I think she’d be perfect as civilian employee (and frequent Bat Signal operator) Stacy.


Garret Dillahunt as Jim Corrigan

Crime Scene Investigator Jim Corrigan is creepy and kind of a dick. Garret Dillahunt is really good at playing creepy dicks. Done and done.


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