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A Fistful of Credits; For a Few Credits More; The Good, the Bad and the Wookiee

So, this apparently happened. And, since this is the internet and something Star Wars related, you can already see virtual lines being drawn in the e-sand.

So far, the loudest voices I’ve heard are the “Boba Fett is lame” and “Oh, god, no more movies” voices. Both of these are valid opinions–that’s right, internet, they are just “opinions”–but, it might not be an inherently bad idea.

I’ll start by saying this: I am a fan of the Expanded Universe. I love the novels that came after Return of the Jedi. I know this angers certain people for some reason. I guess those people just hate when others enjoy things. Oh well.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right…the EU (as the Expanded Universe is often known). I like it, and one of my favorite things in the EU are the series of anthologies that were published in the second half of the 1990s. The stories in these anthologies didn’t focus on Luke, Han, and Leia. While they were set during the events of the Galactic Civil War, most of these tales featured stories of regular folks just going about their day–as such they were similar to Babylon 5‘s “A View from the Gallery” and Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “Lower Decks.” Okay, yes, there was Tales of the Bounty Hunters, which contained stories about each of the bounty hunters that Vader hired in Empire, but they’re still background characters, at best.

My point is this: the Star Wars universe is a big freakin’ place. There’s a whole galaxy of stories out there. A movie about Boba Fett bounty-hunting his way across the stars might not necessarily be a bad thing. It needn’t intersect with the characters or specific events of any of the existing movies. (I’ll admit that I’d love it if any movie about Boba Fett ignored the fact that his motivation is now he’s a whiny little daddy’s boy, but that’s just me.)

Final thought: Joe Johnston expressing an interest in making a Boba Fett movie isn’t a news item. I’m wary of even placing it on the level of rumor. I mean, the story I linked to above claims he’s quoted in “a recent interview.” What interview? Where? But, if it is something he wants to do, it doesn’t necessarily have to be bad.

Just sayin’.