Let’s Cast…BATGIRL

Stephanie Brown, Gotham City high school student, has a secret. Well, she has several, actually. The first is that her father was the criminal known as the Cluemaster. The second is that her new boyfriend Tim Drake is really Robin, the Boy Wonder. The third is that she, Stephanie Brown, is Batgirl.

Pretty simple set-up. We’ll skip the Spoiler stuff (even though I loved the Spoiler years) and have Steph take it upon herself to pick up the Batgirl mantle. She’ll uncover Tim’s secret identity–just like Tim deduced that Bruce Wayne was Batman–and take to the rooftops as the newest member of the Bat Family.

Consider this my celebration of Stephanie Brown’s time as Batgirl.


Elle Fanning as Batgirl/Stephanie Brown


While I was watching Super 8, I couldn’t shake the feeling that Fanning would make a great Steph. Heck, her character in Super 8 practically was Stephanie Brown.

Autumn Reeser as Oracle/Barbara Gordon


I’ve seen Reeser play a scientist and a techie, so I know she’s fully capable of pulling off the intellectual side of Oracle. But, Babs also has a steely quality and Reeser can sometimes come off as squeaky and twee. Eh, whatever. Let’s give her a chance.

Allison Scagliotti as Proxy/Wendy Harris


Sorry. I think sarcastic young hacker, I think Scagliotti.

Bryan Cranston as Calculator/Noah Kuttler


Oracle’s opposite number, Calculator sells his services as an information broker to supervillains around the world. He’s also Wendy’s dad. There’s something about Calculator that makes me think “IT guy who’s snapped and now eats people’s faces” and, no offense to Mr. C., but he can kinda pull that off.

Sean Maher as Detective Nick “St. Nick” Gage


Honest. Earnest. An all-around good guy. That’s Detective Nick Gage. That’s also kind of what Sean Maher specializes in.

Tom Selleck as Commissioner James Gordon


I tapped Selleck as Gordon back in my post about a Gotham Central series. Maybe it was the mustache. Maybe it was the fine work he’s done on CBS’s Blue Bloods. Either way, I’m sticking with it.

Now, if you’re going to be fighting crime in Gotham, you better expect to get a visit from the Bat (and the Birds, for that matter)…

Adam Baldwin as Batman/Bruce Wayne


Say what you want about Chuck and Firefly, but I’ll take Baldwin’s Casey growl over whatever noises Christian Bale thought he was making.

Joshua Jackson as Nightwing/Dick Grayson


Jackson has irreverent snark down. That’s just what you need to play the freewheelin’ Nightwing.

Alex Ferris  as Robin/Tim Drake


I dunno…the kid just kinda looks like Tim…

The Bat Family wouldn’t be the same without its “grandparents”: Alfred and Leslie. Michael Caine has done a great job as Alfred, but he doesn’t really have that super-dry, almost snide British butler quality that I associate with Alfred. Cleese on the other hand… And, not only has Stockard Channing played doctors on more shows than I can name, but she was also the voice of a future version of Barbara Gordon on Batman Beyond.

John Cleese as Alfred Pennyworth


Stockard Channing as Dr. Leslie Thompkins



Just for the heck of it, let’s throw in a flashback of Steph’s dad. And, hey, when did the kid from Flash Forward become so creepy?

Ben Foster as The Cluemaster/Arthur Brown



4 responses to “Let’s Cast…BATGIRL

  1. I know you hate Damien, but the Steph/Damien dynamic is so fun. I would definitely want to include it in a movie. BOUNCE CASTLE!

    • I do hate Damian…but I love the Steph/Damian dynamic. However, I think the age difference is most of the fun, and since Elle Fanning was the genesis of this little exercise, Damian will have to wait for a bit.

  2. I don’t know who Alex Ferris is but he’s adorable! And (of course) Yay for casting Josh (he really wants to be in a superhero movie!) even if I don’t love Dick Grayson so much.

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