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10 More Fictional Characters I Would Totally Marry

In August of 2010, I wrote a list of the ten fictional characters I would totally marry. That list was far from exhaustive because (a) there are a lot of awesome characters out there, and (b) I have a lot of love to give.

1. Parker

Parker didn’t make the first list because, at the time, she was barely capable of interacting with the mailman much less a significant other. A relationship with Parker might not be normal…but sometimes normal is overrated.

2. Ezri Dax

Jadzia Dax was a dude. A breathtaking, leggy dude to be sure, but a dude. Jadzia was the Dax who’d meet you at Quark’s for a pint and a game of darts, tell a few dirty jokes, and then run off and join a band of aging Klingons on a mission to reclaim their honor. But Ezri… Ezri was a bundle of neuroses wrapped up in a determined and adorable spotted little pixie.

3. Kim Pine

Redhead. Drummer. Shut up.

4. Romana II

Since 2005, nearly every fictional boyfriend/husband list has included the Doctor. Well, dammit, I want a Time Lord, too. The second Romana traded her previous incarnation’s haughty, aristocratic demeanor for a quirkiness and sense of adventure more suitable for one of the Doctor’s traveling companions. Also: just look at that smile!

5. Claudia Donovan

I might not know the first thing about computers, but Claudia and I could totally geek out over Doctor Who. Plus, bagging and tagging a potentially deadly artifact sounds like an awesome romantic evening.

6. Cally Henderson

Cally might look like an ordinary knuckledragger, but she’s got spunk. Not only did she pop a cap in the Cylon who tried to assassinate Adama, but she also bit off the ear of a prisoner who tried to attack her. See? Spunk.

7. Scarlett

Where do I even start? Trained in counter intelligence and covert ops; a skilled acrobat and martial artist; deadly with a crossbow. Scarlett has it all.

8. Abigail “Abby” Sciuto

Abby just…is. She defies categorization. Her love of gothic fashion would seem to contradict her generally upbeat and compassionate demeanor, but all of these disparate characteristics are what make Abby awesome.

9. Annie Edison

I adore Rory Gilmore. Truly and deeply. But, I’ve always said that my perfect woman would be a mix of Rory and Paris Geller. I think it’s fair to say that Annie fits that bill.

10. Belle

An intelligent, compassionate, independent bibliophile who’s capable of seeing the warmth and kindness buried beneath a bestial exterior.