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Mutants Get Things Done

Earlier today, the good folks at Marvel released a teaser image for a new book in its continuing Marvel NOW! initiative.


Speculation began immediately. The double helix and the X’s seem to be a good indication that this is probably going to be an X-book. Good theory, right? What about the fact that there are two X’s? Is that significant? Some people seem to think so. Could this be a book that focuses on an all-female squad of X-Men?

I, for one, hope so. Look, it’s no secret that there needs to be more books with female leads. (Not to mention the need for more women creators in the mainstream comic industry, but that’s another post entirely.) Where was I? Ah. Right. Books with strong female characters. Marvel already has Captain Marvel and Journey into Mystery (starring Asgardian badass Sif), and February will see the release of Fearless Defenders, which focuses on Valkyrie, Misty Knight, and Dani Moonstar. Continuing in this vein with characters from its popular X-Men franchise seems like a no-brainer.

Now, with so many mutants to choose from, who should be tapped to appear in this potential series? I’m glad you asked.


I hear that Polaris is kicking major butt over in X-Factor. Now, you might say, if she’s already in one book, why does she need to be in another? All I have to say to that is: you’ve got a lot of nerve, mister. Polaris is awesome. And, with Havok leading a squad of Avengers, giving Polaris her own X-team seems…right, somehow.


Storm has led the X-Men numerous times in the past. She’s also a freaking queen. But, I’d like to see her in the role of strategist, helping to mentor a newer generation of mutant leaders.


No surprises here. I’ll admit it, I think Kitty Pryde should be in every Marvel comic. And a few DC books, too. Kitty has been stepping up lately, first as the head mistress of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and now as the leader of the time-shifted original X-Men. How can she be in three places at once? Hell, she was Wolverine’s first pupil.


I firmly believe that every group needs a telepath, and Rachel Grey (Summers/Grey-Summers/Summers-Grey/Whatever) would fill that role nicely.


If Kitty was the Dick Grayson to Wolverine’s Batman, then Armor is the Tim Drake. I find Armor an interesting character with a cool, visibly striking power.


Not only does every team need a telepath, but I also believe every team should have a character who’s good at beating the crap out of opponents. Wolverine has filled that role for years, so I see no reason why his female clone shouldn’t step in and do so for this team. X-23, come on down!


Pixie should also be in every Marvel comic.