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Dressing An Amazon: What Should Wonder Woman’s Big-Screen Costume Look Like?

Earlier today, the good folks over at The Mary Sue posted an article in which the costume designer for Man of Steel 2 (Kryptonian Boogaloo?) briefly discusses Wonder Woman’s costume. The quote seems to imply that they’ll be looking at historical sources for inspiration.

This is good news.

Now, I have no problems with Diana’s classic comic costume. But, its functionality begins and ends with the comic page (or the animation cel). For a live-action Wonder Woman (just like for a live-action Spider-Man, Superman, or Captain America), you need to tweak the costume. But, tweaking doesn’t mean making radical alterations. You can create a realistic, functional costume that still uses the character’s classic iconography.

Let’s start with the main part of the costume. If I were making a Wonder Woman movie or television show, I’d start with a cuirass of banded red leather. The chest and shoulders would have an additional layer of harder leather. A golden eagle provides additional protection to the chest and torso. A golden girdle/belt forms the classic WW. Lastly, we have a studded war skirt of dark blue leather, the silver studs creating the star-spangled effect of Diana’s comic costume.

photo 1

The tiara would remain relatively unchanged (I mean, how much can you change a tiara?). I’d make sure it was large enough to not only keep Diana’s hair out of her eyes while she’s kicking ass, but also provide a bit of protection in case she needs to take someone out with an Amazonian headbutt.

photo 2

As for Diana’s trademark bracelets, I’d turn them into some serious bracers that take up most of her forearms, not to mention the backs of her hands. For a little touch of Ancient Greece, I’d add a stylized owl to the bits that cover Diana’s hands–Zeus’ eagle and Athena’s owl should give Wonder Woman enough Olympian backup when things get tough.

photo 3

Now…I have horrible feet. They’re flat. They’re too wide for most shoes. They’re attached to weak ankles. So, I don’t know how people wear some of the footwear that I see out in the world, much less how half of the superheroes get around in the shoes they wear. Anyway… For Wonder Woman’s boots, I’d continue the modernization of ancient kit. A red leather upper with a flat reinforced sole and a hardened leather shaft, with a reinforced shin, that continues up to the knee.

photo 4

Welp…that’s just my two cents. For what it’s worth.