Top 10 Fictional Characters I Wouldn’t Mind Snogging at Midnight: 2016 Edition

It worked last year, so might as well do it again.

1. Cable McCrory


A snarky computer expert with an endless supply of flannel? Yeah, not my type at all.

2. Claire Temple


I hear she likes coffee…

3. Jamie Campbell


Spunky, redhead journalist? Sold. Plus, she clearly has a thing for brilliant-but-arrogant assholes…so, win.

4. Jesse Quick


Love a woman in uniform.

5. Jessica Jones


Jessica would snap me in half before the clock finished striking midnight. So. Worth. It.

6. Patterson


We’d take a break from the Twilight Zone marathon…

7. Wanda Maximoff


Maybe I didn’t fully get over my Goth/The Craft phase.

8. Jane Porter


I regret nothing.

9. Ellie Bishop


A quirky genius with an eidetic memory and a love of food? Yes, good.

10. Karen Page


Drawn to closed-off men with deep psychological issues. Score!

BONUS: Lana Lang


Ginger. Engineer. Superhero.


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