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A Boy and His Box, Off to See the Universe.

I really wish I had managed to finish these in time for yesterday’s 48th anniversary of the Doctor Who premiere. Oh, well…timey-wimey and all that.

First Doctor

Second Doctor

Third Doctor

Fourth Doctor

Fifth Doctor

Sixth Doctor

Seventh Doctor

Eighth Doctor

Ninth Doctor

Tenth Doctor

Eleventh Doctor


Presented Without Comment…


Coming to Theaters Summer 2009*

*: Well, not really…unless you have some extra money laying around, then we can talk.

**: No squirrels were harmed in the making of this post.

The Real Calvin and Hobbes

Damn funny!


By: Nina Matsumoto

Yeah…I’m a dork.  So what??

I Still Want to Believe!


Sure, this isn’t breaking any new ground in the design department–but, sometimes the simplest ways are the best.

This Is Pretty Freakin' Sweet

If anyone knows what program she’s using, let me know…I want to give it a try.

Welcome to the Gorram 'Verse…

Check out graphic designer Geoffrey Mandel’s Firefly/Serenity-related work:


He’s done a load of other TV and sci-fi related work, too. Apparently he wrote and illustrated the book of Star Trek star charts–which, sadly, I own. I wonder if we could convince him to give the same treatment to everyone’s favorite sci-fi western.