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Man-making and Such

The number of “fandoms” that “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” can be applied to is staggering.

The Original:


The Doctor Who Version:


The Sherlock Version:


The Leverage Version:


The Supernatural Version:



The Greatest Thing I Found on the Internet in 2010

The Internet is full of many things–cats, tubes, porn–but, the greatest thing to be found online in 2010 was Upright Citizens Brigader Rachel Bloom’s hilariously inappropriate ode to sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury:

I have:

  • watched this video more times than I can count.
  • bought this song on iTunes.
  • repeatedly wished I were Ray Bradbury.

Ahoy! Avast! And Other Random, Pirate-y Things

Rachel introduced me to “The Worst Pirate Song” by Ceann.  And, let’s be honest, pirates make any day better, right?  Sure.  So here we go:

If you like that, there’s a pretty good chance that you’d like some of the other songs by this Irish American band from Pennsylvania–particularly if you like whiskey, mead, PBR, or coal miners’ daughters.

Merry Christmas!

Whether or not you’ll be celebrating the season, I hope everyone has a great December 25th.  I’ll probably be eating non-stop for at least the next 48 hours.

Now, for no good reason, I give you Muppets:


Happy Holidays!

"Hammer, meet nail."

Earlier this week, the soundtrack to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was made available on iTunes.

For less than ten bucks, you can relive the unadulterated awesome of Joss Whedon’s epic, web-musical.  If you’d like, you can even mosey over to the Dr. Horrible website and take a gander at the liner notes and lyrics.

Personally, I can not get enough of “Bad Horse Chorus”; in fact, I think I’m going to find three guys and hire them to dress up as cowboys and deliver all of my missives in verse.  But, let’s be honest, each song pretty much hits the ball out of the park, from Neil Patrick Harris’ lovelorn stalker anthem “My Freeze Ray” to Nathan Fillion’s narcissistic “A Man’s Gotta Do” or “Everyone’s a Hero” (you can almost hear him swagger, I swear).  And, although Felicia Day breaks your heart with “Caring Hands” and “Penny’s Song”, I think “My Eyes” (her duet with NPH) is her real shining moment.

This should keep me happy until the DVD–with singing commentary!–is released.