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When Gnomes Attack…

So, I guess this is what happens when you piss off that little Travelocity fucker:

I’ve decided to put my lifelong hunt for Bigfoot on hold, buy a butterfly net, and track this creepy little bastard down.


Genre Movies VII: Fantasy Goes to Hell

The AFI defines a fantasy film as one “where live-action characters inhabit imagined settings and/or experience situations that transcend the rules of the natural world.”

This is a pretty open-ended definition, in my opinion.  To me, it means that the movies on this list are not just those technically defined as “fantasy”, but those considered “horror” movies also seem to fit (and, to be honest, “comic book” movies like Superman, Spider-Man, and X-Men).

Anyway…here are my picks for the Top 10 Fantasy Films:

1. Evil Dead

2. Big Trouble in Little China

3. Hellboy

4. Willow

5. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

6. Labyrinth

7. Ghostbusters

8. The Mummy (1999)

9. An American Werewolf in London

10. Clash of the Titans