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Let’s Cast…BATGIRL

Stephanie Brown, Gotham City high school student, has a secret. Well, she has several, actually. The first is that her father was the criminal known as the Cluemaster. The second is that her new boyfriend Tim Drake is really Robin, the Boy Wonder. The third is that she, Stephanie Brown, is Batgirl.

Pretty simple set-up. We’ll skip the Spoiler stuff (even though I loved the Spoiler years) and have Steph take it upon herself to pick up the Batgirl mantle. She’ll uncover Tim’s secret identity–just like Tim deduced that Bruce Wayne was Batman–and take to the rooftops as the newest member of the Bat Family.

Consider this my celebration of Stephanie Brown’s time as Batgirl.


Elle Fanning as Batgirl/Stephanie Brown


While I was watching Super 8, I couldn’t shake the feeling that Fanning would make a great Steph. Heck, her character in Super 8 practically was Stephanie Brown.

Autumn Reeser as Oracle/Barbara Gordon


I’ve seen Reeser play a scientist and a techie, so I know she’s fully capable of pulling off the intellectual side of Oracle. But, Babs also has a steely quality and Reeser can sometimes come off as squeaky and twee. Eh, whatever. Let’s give her a chance.

Allison Scagliotti as Proxy/Wendy Harris


Sorry. I think sarcastic young hacker, I think Scagliotti.

Bryan Cranston as Calculator/Noah Kuttler


Oracle’s opposite number, Calculator sells his services as an information broker to supervillains around the world. He’s also Wendy’s dad. There’s something about Calculator that makes me think “IT guy who’s snapped and now eats people’s faces” and, no offense to Mr. C., but he can kinda pull that off.

Sean Maher as Detective Nick “St. Nick” Gage


Honest. Earnest. An all-around good guy. That’s Detective Nick Gage. That’s also kind of what Sean Maher specializes in.

Tom Selleck as Commissioner James Gordon


I tapped Selleck as Gordon back in my post about a Gotham Central series. Maybe it was the mustache. Maybe it was the fine work he’s done on CBS’s Blue Bloods. Either way, I’m sticking with it.

Now, if you’re going to be fighting crime in Gotham, you better expect to get a visit from the Bat (and the Birds, for that matter)…

Adam Baldwin as Batman/Bruce Wayne


Say what you want about Chuck and Firefly, but I’ll take Baldwin’s Casey growl over whatever noises Christian Bale thought he was making.

Joshua Jackson as Nightwing/Dick Grayson


Jackson has irreverent snark down. That’s just what you need to play the freewheelin’ Nightwing.

Alex Ferris  as Robin/Tim Drake


I dunno…the kid just kinda looks like Tim…

The Bat Family wouldn’t be the same without its “grandparents”: Alfred and Leslie. Michael Caine has done a great job as Alfred, but he doesn’t really have that super-dry, almost snide British butler quality that I associate with Alfred. Cleese on the other hand… And, not only has Stockard Channing played doctors on more shows than I can name, but she was also the voice of a future version of Barbara Gordon on Batman Beyond.

John Cleese as Alfred Pennyworth


Stockard Channing as Dr. Leslie Thompkins



Just for the heck of it, let’s throw in a flashback of Steph’s dad. And, hey, when did the kid from Flash Forward become so creepy?

Ben Foster as The Cluemaster/Arthur Brown



They Are The Night: Batwoman, Batgirl, and Red Robin Swing Into Action

About two years ago, Grant Morrison did the unthinkable: he killed Bruce Wayne. Okay, okay…he sent him back in time or some weird shit. It doesn’t matter. The end result was the same. With no desire to read about a Batman who was not Bruce Wayne, I packed a suitcase and left Gotham City, vowing not to return until Bruce did. Well, the day has finally arrived, Bruce Wayne is returning to his rightful place in the here and now.

Unfortunately, a lot’s been going on in Gotham City since I left. There’s a new Batgirl. Tim Drake has abandoned the Robin identity and become Red Robin. And, who’s this mysterious new vigilante calling herself Batwoman? If I’m going to start following Bruce Wayne’s adventures again, I’d have to familiarize myself with the new status quo in the Bat-Family. With that in mind, I spent a large chunk of yesterday reading Batwoman: Elegy, as well as the first trades of Batgirl and Red Robin.

Batwoman: Elegy

by Greg Rucka (writer) and J.H. Williams, III (artist)

We first met the modern Batwoman in the pages of 52, however a lot of her backstory wasn’t revealed until she became the featured hero in Detective Comics. Elegy collects the first seven issues of Rucka/Williams run. I have to say, of the three trades I read, this one may be my least favorite. Of course, when something like this is your least favorite thing you read in a day, it’s still a pretty damn good day.

I’m just not a fan of the whole Religion of Crime thing that DC has going on these days. And, since a lot of Batwoman’s time seems to be geared towards fighting this organization, you can understand why I didn’t completely love this trade. I did enjoy the flashbacks that explored Kate Kane’s childhood, time at West Point, and eventual transformation into Batwoman. I think Kate is a great addition to the Bat-Family, the DC Universe, and the general world of comics. I love that her dad–the Colonel–is serving as Kate’s Alfred. I’d also like to think that in her new ongoing series, Batwoman will have a werewolf sidekick.

Batgirl: Batgirl Rising

by Bryan Q. Miller (writer) and Lee Garbett (artist)

That image pretty much says it all. Former Robin and Spoiler Stephanie Brown takes over the mantle of Batgirl in a new ongoing series. While I didn’t hate Cassandra Cain (the previous Batgirl), I positively love Steph. Always have. Steph’s Batgirl is a throwback to the adventures of the first Batgirl, Barbara Gordon–and it’s fitting that Babs appears in this first trade to mentor the newest Bat. Between hiding her double life from her mom and trying to juggle being a college freshman and a costumed crimefighter, Steph’s Batgirl reminds me a lot of Spider-Man, and that’s a good thing. And, as much as I hate that little shit Damian Wayne, I love the antagonistic pseudo-sibling rivalry between Steph and the new Robin.

Red Robin: The Grail

by Chris Yost (writer) and Ramon Bachs (artist)

I love Tim Drake. He was “my Robin.” But, I guess no one can be a Boy Wonder forever. So, when Dick Grayson becomes Batman, he chooses Damian Wayne as the new Robin and tells Tim that Robin is “Batman’s student” and he sees Tim as “his equal.” Convinced that Bruce Wayne is still alive, Tim becomes Red Robin and goes on a globetrotting quest to prove that his former mentor isn’t actually dead. While Tim adjusts to his new identity (“What should I call these things? They look like ammo belts. Utility straps?”), he must decide whether or not to accept a deal with Batman’s greatest enemy–Ra’s al Ghul.

Red Robin: The Grail shows Tim using his strengths–his intellect and keen detection skills–but it also shows him struggling with maturity, as both a person and as a hero. With Bruce returning, I’m not sure what role Red Robin will play in the Bat-Family, but I’m excited to find out.

Four on the Floor #12: Radically Rambunctious Redheads

The Situation: Hey, who doesn’t love a redhead?  Of course, if science is right and the gene that’s responsible for red hair is dying out, there may come a day when gingers are no more.  If everyone is so fired up trying to save the manatee and the giant panda, why isn’t anyone trying to preserve the endangered redhead?

The Criteria: The criteria is…umm…they need to be redheads.  Does that work for you?  Of course, being me, they also happen to be superheroes, geeky witches, and secret agents.  I was tempted to include Ginny Weasley on the list, too…but somehow it just felt wrong.

1. Barbara Gordon

Babs was the original Batgirl and that should be enough for most people.  But, when she was crippled by the Joker and confined to a wheelchair, did our girl give up?  No.  She used her tech savvy and photographic memory to become the ace hacker/information broker known as Oracle.

2. Willow Rosenberg

Redhead.  Geek.  Witch.  Lesbian.  What’s not to love?  Mousy little Willow went from shy wallflower to red-hot magic mama right before our eyes.  Sure, she got addicted to dark magic and almost destroyed the world, but no one’s perfect.  Well…Willow might be.

3. Jean Grey

Not only is Jean a gorgeous redhead, but with her telepathy and telekinesis, she probably could kill you with her brain.  Sure, she got addicted to dark power and almost destroyed the universe…wait, umm…huh?

4. Scarlett

As lethal with a crossbow as she is with a roundhouse kick, Scarlett has no problem keeping up with the boys that make up the G.I. Joe team.  Scarlett’s trained in martial arts, acrobatics, and counter espionage–and that’s pretty hot.  And, not only is she a redhead, but she’s a southern redhead.