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Looking Back…Recasting JUSTICE LEAGUE

One of the first casting posts that I ever wrote–waaaaay back in 2008–was for a Justice League movie. Now, while DC and Warner Brothers continue to spin their wheels, Marvel makes all of the movie money. Why? Why is it so hard for DC to get its cinematic act together? Sure, some of you might say that DC should focus on making good comics (and maybe not hiring vile bigots, while they’re at it), but that isn’t the world we live in. The 21st century is all about multimedia synergy. Let’s face it, comic book movies are here to stay, so we might as well make the best of them.

Now, I have been a proponent of thinking a bit outside of the box with a Justice League movie, quietly hoping that a League movie would feature Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Fire, Ice, and several other lesser-known DC heroes (even though Marvel recently poached my Guy Gardner). However, we all know that DC is going to want to highlight their top talent in a Justice League movie, which is why I’m here to reevaluate a movie starring the “Big Seven.”

The Plot: One word: Starro. Yes, everyone wants the villain in this movie to be Darkseid. But, let’s face it, Darkseid is a pretty big deal. Do you want to shoot your wad that early? No. Plus, Starro gives you a nice body-snatcher thing to work with.

The Cast:

Brandon Routh as Superman/Clark Kent

936full-brandon-routh supes

I know, I know. Superman Returns. Look, I did not love everything about that movie (Superman as a deadbeat dad, I’m lookin’ at you!), but Routh was pretty good. I’d give him a second shot at playing the big blue boy scout in a heartbeat.

Ian Somerhalder as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Ian-ian-somerhalder-17987587-485-523 Batm

Time to wash the taste of those awful Nolan movies out of our mouths. Somerhalder appeared in an early season of Smallville as a bait-and-switch Bruce Wayne named Adam Knight. Now he’s in a show about vampires, which kinda works with the whole bat motiff.

Jaime Murray as Wonder Woman/Princess Diana

jaime murray wonder-woman602

Watch Murray on Warehouse 13, then come back to me and tell me you don’t want her to play the Amazon warrior.

Lance Reddick as Martian Manhunter/J’onn J’onzz

fringe-lance-reddick-4 76083-149782-martian-manhunter_large

This is what I wrote in 2008–

On The Wire, it almost seemed like Reddick was able to read everyone’s minds, so who better to play the telepathic Martian Manhunter? Can’t you just hear Reddick’s deep, authoritative voice rumbling through the theater’s speakers the first time J’onn’s voice is heard inside someone’s mind? Besides, he kind of looks like the revamped Manhunter.

–and I stand by that today.

Shawn Ashmore as The Flash/Wally West

shawn-ashmore Flash_Wally_West_0066

The Ashmore brothers have had their way with superhero properties for quite some time. Shawn has played Iceman in three (soon to be four) X-Men movies and Aaron played Jimmy Olsen on several seasons of Smallville. (Shawn also appeared in two episodes of Smallville as meteor freak Eric Summers.) Anyway, I think Ashmore has what it takes to bring Wally West to life.

Aldis Hodge as Green Lantern/John Stewart

Leverage-cast-pop-up_AldisHodge greenlantern3

So many Lanterns to choose from . . . Using the Green Lantern who was one of the main characters of the popular Justice League cartoon seems like a safe bet. In addition to his military training, I’d love to see this portrayal also focus on Stewart’s architecture background. And, let’s face it, Aldis Hodge is just waiting for his shot at stardom.

Dan Stevens as Aquaman/Arthur Curry

936full-dan-stevens am

Aquaman is a reluctant king. He’d much rather be out and about, punching supervillains and saving the day, then sitting in a room full of government ministers. On Downton Abbey, Stevens’ Matthew Crawley wanted nothing more than to practice law until circumstances handed him an estate to run. Replace “practice law” with “punching supervillains” and “estate” with “underwater kingdom” . . . and Aquaman and Matthew Crawley are practically the same dude.



Look, it was inevitable. As soon as Marvel’s Avengers made ALL THE MONEY, it was only a matter of time before DC announced that they, too, would be bringing their premiere super team to the big screen. At one point (say, about a decade ago, when DC had first started working on a Justice League movie), I would have entertained the notion of a JLA movie with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the other big guns of the DC Universe. Frankly, by now, I’m sort of sick of Hollywood’s interpretation of these characters.

No. I say go another way. I say draw on the characters from Justice League International.

Picture it: Ted Kord has given up heroics, planning on spending the rest of his days making Kord Industries the leader in advanced technology. One night, a shipment of prototypes from KI is intercepted while passing through a lonely section of Texas. Teenager Jaime Reyes, seeing the accident, stops to help, only to inadvertently become the new Blue Beetle. Kord calls his old friends (Booster Gold, Guy Gardner, and Vixen), as well as younger heroes Fire, Ice, and the Atom, to help track down those responsible for the theft and to help mentor Reyes. Using his vast resources, Kord decides to fund this collection of heroes. This…Justice League.


Joe Morton as Ted Kord/Blue Beetle II

Image Image

Every week on Eureka, Joe Morton brings the right mix of humor, warmth, and intelligence that I’d want to see in Ted Kord.

Chris Pine as Michael Jon Carter/Booster Gold

Image Image

You need a certain charm, a certain swagger to play the disgraced athlete from the future who traveled back in time to make a name for himself as a hero. I think Pine has that in spades. I’d cast Will Arnett as the voice of Booster’s robot sidekick, Skeets. Just because.

Freema Agyeman as Mari Jiwe McCabe/Vixen

Image Image

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include Vixen…but, then I thought: Freema! And, if you don’t need more Freema in your life, then you’re doing something wrong.

Chris Pratt as Guy Gardner/Green Lantern

Image Image

Guy Gardner is a lug. He’s kind of a jerk, but he’s not really a bad guy. Pratt has that kinda jerky and immature thing down, but you know he’ll have your back when you need him. He’s our “Guy.”

Alexa Vega as Beatriz Bonilla da Costa/Fire

Image  Image

I remember Vega from the Spy Kids movies. It would be nice to see her in something again.

Evanna Lynch as Tora Olafsdotter/Ice

Image Image

There’s something otherworldly about Lynch. I could totally see her as a Norwegian tinker who occasionally cuddles with seals.

Archie Kao as Ryan Choi/The Atom

Image Image

Kao has kicked butt as a Power Ranger and gotten his science on as a member of CSI Classic’s merry band of lab monkeys. That’s good enough for me.

Tyler Posey as Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle III

Image Image

From what I’ve seen of Posey in Teen Wolf, he’s pretty believable as a shy teenager dealing with a secret identity. I’d happily let him suit up as the new Blue Beetle.

More Assembly Required: Looking at Possible Additions for Avengers 2

Look, I know The Avengers doesn’t open until next summer, but that shouldn’t stop me from thinking about possible sequels…mainly which Avengers I’d love to see added over time.

Ant-Man/Hank Pym 

Along with Wasp, Ant-Man was there from the start in the comic. Now, I understand why they didn’t want to include them in the first movie–opting instead to introduce easier-to-explain characters like Hawkeye and Maria Hill–but there’s no reason why they couldn’t be introduced later. I’ve always kind of wanted Alan Tudyk to play Hank Pym. I don’t know why, I just do.


Wasp/Janet van Dyne

I’ve never been a huge fan of Wasp–most of the versions I’ve seen in the comics have always come off as being kind of shallow and privileged. But, the Wasp on Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is a riot. She’s excited about being a hero because it’s the right thing to do. So, if Hank Pym is going to be the resident scientist, Janet could be his lab assistant (think the Astrid to Hank’s Walter) and Nicki Clyne showed a lot of pluck on Battlestar Galactica, so…


Luke Cage

Luke’s a fairly new addition to the Avengers, but serves an important role as a grounding influence for the team that includes a living legend and a god. If Omar Epps can hold his own against Hugh Laurie, going head to head with Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Downey, Jr. should be a piece of cake.


Power Woman/Jessica Jones Cage

Superhero. Private detective. Reporter. Like her husband, Jessica is a new, but extremely vital, addition to the Avengers. Michelle Monaghan has played tough and intelligent, which is the perfect mix for Jess. Also: she studied journalism before deciding to become an actress…which doesn’t mean anything, but is a cool tidbit.


Mockingbird/Bobbi Morse

I’m pretty sure they’ll decide to play up the Hawkeye/Black Widow relationship, but that’s no reason why Mockingbird can’t appear in a sequel. Bobbi’s a spy, a scientist, and all-around awesome, and only Anna Torv could do her justice.


Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers

Danvers was a major in the U.S. Air Force and an operative with the C.I.A. long before she was an Avenger. Combining her natural skills with super strength, durability, and energy blasts makes Ms. Marvel a force to be reckoned with. Yvonne Strahovski pretty much plays a non-powered Carol Danvers every week on Chuck.


Let’s Cast…BATGIRL

Stephanie Brown, Gotham City high school student, has a secret. Well, she has several, actually. The first is that her father was the criminal known as the Cluemaster. The second is that her new boyfriend Tim Drake is really Robin, the Boy Wonder. The third is that she, Stephanie Brown, is Batgirl.

Pretty simple set-up. We’ll skip the Spoiler stuff (even though I loved the Spoiler years) and have Steph take it upon herself to pick up the Batgirl mantle. She’ll uncover Tim’s secret identity–just like Tim deduced that Bruce Wayne was Batman–and take to the rooftops as the newest member of the Bat Family.

Consider this my celebration of Stephanie Brown’s time as Batgirl.


Elle Fanning as Batgirl/Stephanie Brown


While I was watching Super 8, I couldn’t shake the feeling that Fanning would make a great Steph. Heck, her character in Super 8 practically was Stephanie Brown.

Autumn Reeser as Oracle/Barbara Gordon


I’ve seen Reeser play a scientist and a techie, so I know she’s fully capable of pulling off the intellectual side of Oracle. But, Babs also has a steely quality and Reeser can sometimes come off as squeaky and twee. Eh, whatever. Let’s give her a chance.

Allison Scagliotti as Proxy/Wendy Harris


Sorry. I think sarcastic young hacker, I think Scagliotti.

Bryan Cranston as Calculator/Noah Kuttler


Oracle’s opposite number, Calculator sells his services as an information broker to supervillains around the world. He’s also Wendy’s dad. There’s something about Calculator that makes me think “IT guy who’s snapped and now eats people’s faces” and, no offense to Mr. C., but he can kinda pull that off.

Sean Maher as Detective Nick “St. Nick” Gage


Honest. Earnest. An all-around good guy. That’s Detective Nick Gage. That’s also kind of what Sean Maher specializes in.

Tom Selleck as Commissioner James Gordon


I tapped Selleck as Gordon back in my post about a Gotham Central series. Maybe it was the mustache. Maybe it was the fine work he’s done on CBS’s Blue Bloods. Either way, I’m sticking with it.

Now, if you’re going to be fighting crime in Gotham, you better expect to get a visit from the Bat (and the Birds, for that matter)…

Adam Baldwin as Batman/Bruce Wayne


Say what you want about Chuck and Firefly, but I’ll take Baldwin’s Casey growl over whatever noises Christian Bale thought he was making.

Joshua Jackson as Nightwing/Dick Grayson


Jackson has irreverent snark down. That’s just what you need to play the freewheelin’ Nightwing.

Alex Ferris  as Robin/Tim Drake


I dunno…the kid just kinda looks like Tim…

The Bat Family wouldn’t be the same without its “grandparents”: Alfred and Leslie. Michael Caine has done a great job as Alfred, but he doesn’t really have that super-dry, almost snide British butler quality that I associate with Alfred. Cleese on the other hand… And, not only has Stockard Channing played doctors on more shows than I can name, but she was also the voice of a future version of Barbara Gordon on Batman Beyond.

John Cleese as Alfred Pennyworth


Stockard Channing as Dr. Leslie Thompkins



Just for the heck of it, let’s throw in a flashback of Steph’s dad. And, hey, when did the kid from Flash Forward become so creepy?

Ben Foster as The Cluemaster/Arthur Brown



Gotham Central was…well, let’s be honest: it was freaking amazing. It was probably one of the best comics of the last decade. As the title implies, Gotham Central dealt with the men and women of the Gotham City Police Department and the unique position they often found themselves in while trying to protect and serve a city that’s plagued by the likes of The Joker, Mad Hatter, and Two-Face. What made Gotham Central great was that, while he was always a “presence” in the book, Batman rarely appeared. This book was about the regular citizens of Gotham City.

With the recent announcement that FX has greenlit a pilot for Bendis and Oeming’s Powers, it’s the perfect time to think about a weekly Gotham Central television series (or another one, I guess, since it was once considered by the WB).

Tom Selleck as Commissioner James Gordon

To those of you who only know Selleck as Thomas Magnum, stop. Stop reading and go check out his new series Blue Bloods. Selleck’s Commissioner Reagan is so Gordon it isn’t funny.


Sarah Shahi as Detective Renee Montoya

A lot of the internet seems to think Michelle Rodriguez would make a good Montoya. Personally, I don’t really think she’s a good actress…and, besides, Sarah Shahi is awesome (and kicked butt on Life).


Andre Braugher as Detective Crispus Allen

Braugher played the greatest television cop in the history of forever on Homicide. I’d give anything to see him playing Montoya’s partner on a GC series.


Kari Matchett as Captain Maggie Sawyer

On Covert Affairs, Matchett runs the CIA’s field operations with an iron fist. Maggie Sawyer is no slouch, either, having transferred to the GCPD after working for the Metropolis PD’s Special Crimes Unit. Who better to play Capt. Sawyer?


Sean Maher as Detective Nick Gage

Detective Nicholas “St. Nick” Gage is a rising star on the GCPD. He’s young and eager and a perfect role to bring Firefly‘s Maher back to television.


Louis Lombardi as Detective Harvey Bullock

Lombardi’s been around the block: 24, Fantasy Island, The Sopranos. I have a soft spot for the guy and think he could bring it as the GCPD’s resident cranky, slovenly detective.


Gabrielle Union as Detective Josephine “Josie Mac” MacDonald

I just like Gabrielle Union…


Gillian Anderson as Detective Romy Chandler

It’s been too long since Gillian Anderson pointed a gun at things on my television.


Angela Sarafyan as Stacy

Sarafyan played the awkwardly adorable CSI Samantha Evans on The Good Guys. I think she’d be perfect as civilian employee (and frequent Bat Signal operator) Stacy.


Garret Dillahunt as Jim Corrigan

Crime Scene Investigator Jim Corrigan is creepy and kind of a dick. Garret Dillahunt is really good at playing creepy dicks. Done and done.


I’m pretty sure I’ve written before about my love of DC’s concept of Legacy Heroes…so the fact that I really like the Teen Titans should come as no surprise. The Teen Titans have existed in various forms throughout the years, but the basic concept remains: a gathering of teenage sidekicks (and, later, teen heroes), adventuring and growing without their adult mentors standing over their shoulders.

My personal favorite incarnation of the team is from Geoff John’s run on the title–former Titans Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy offering second-generation sidekicks Robin, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash, plus Superman’s teenage clone, a place to hang out and be teenagers while still getting in a little bit of superheroing. That’s what I’d want to see in a Teen Titans movie, the old guard helping the next generation of Titans come into their own.

Logan Lerman as Robin/Tim Drake

I like Lerman. I didn’t think he was terrible in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (although the movie itself wasn’t much to write home about) and he played Christian Bale’s son in 3:10 to Yuma–if that doesn’t qualify him to play Tim Drake, nothing does.

Kyle Gallner as Kid Flash/Bart Allen

Gallner played Bart Allen (more or less) on Smallville. I thought he did a fair job of capturing Bart’s cocky attitude.

Heather Morris as Wonder Girl/Cassie Sandsmark

Heather Morris is awesome on Glee. I haven’t seen her in anything else, but in interviews she seems to have her head on right. I’d give her a shot at playing Wonder Girl.

Luke Kleintank as Superboy/Conner Kent

On No Ordinary Family, Kleintank plays one of the few characters without superpowers (for the moment, at least). Conner isn’t the flashiest member of the Titans, and Kleintank seems pretty good at radiating that kind of strong, silent presence.

Penelope Cruz as Starfire/Koriand’r

I am not gonna lie: this choice is more or less based solely on the fact that I find Penelope Cruz damned attractive. Although, there is something going on with that hair, isn’t there?

Dominic Monaghan as Beast Boy/Garfield Logan

I dunno. Just seems to work. What do you think?

Leonard Roberts as Cyborg/Victor Stone

Between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Heroes, Roberts has more than enough genre experience. His role as a tough but loving father on Heroes makes me think he’d do a good job as the Titans’ guardian.

Emily Perkins as Raven

I really can’t think of anyone better to play the half-demon Raven than Emily Perkins. I’m pretty sure Dominic will thank me.

Now, because I have something of an addictive personality and mild impulse-control issues, I couldn’t stop with just these Titans. Oh, no. How about:

Bonnie Wright as Miss Martian/M’gann M’orzz

I have a theory: every Avengers team needs a Vision and every incarnation of the Justice League needs a Martian Manhunter. By extension, the JV arm of the Justice League should have a Martian of their own.

Meaghan Martin as Supergirl/Kara Zor-El

You’re probably asking yourself: Do we really need Supergirl on the team when we already have Superboy? Well, all I have to say is: You’ve got a lot of nerve, Mister.

Percy Daggs, III as Aqualad/Jackson Hyde

This new Aqualad has recently popped up in the comics, however he was created for the new Young Justice cartoon. The whole Aquaman family has had problems with PR for years; even the most die-hard comic fans are under the impression that these characters are inherently lame. I say give Percy a pair of those hard-water whips and let him go…then we’ll see who’s inherently lame.

Lucy Hale as Mary Marvel/Mary Batson

I like Lucy Hale. I like Mary Marvel. Seemed like a good idea…mostly because this? Never. Really. Happened.

Finally, you can’t have heroes without villains; and, when I think Teen Titans, I think…

Ron Perlman as Deathstroke/Slade Wilson

Not only did Perlman voice Deathstroke in Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans (he was referred to as “Slade”), but he is just genuinely terrifying.


One of the things I like about DC Comics is the concept of the legacy hero, wherein a hero’s identity is passed on to a member of the younger generation. For the most part, this really doesn’t happen in the Marvel Universe. That’s why I really dig the Young Avengers. At a time when the Avengers were more or less disbanded, a group of teens adapted heroic identities based on heroes like Captain America and Iron Man and took it upon themselves to fill the void.

If Hollywood were to make a movie out of Young Avengers, I think the first arc–“Sidekicks”–would make a pretty good story to tell. Not only does it do a great job of establishing the characters, but it even has a few cameos from some familiar faces.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Young Avengers…

Tristan Wilds as Patriot/Eli Bradley

Eli is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, one of the first Super-Soldiers created by the U.S. military. Claiming to have received his grandfather’s abilities through a blood transfusion, Eli takes the name Patriot and continues the family tradition. I’d cast The Wire’s Wilds as Eli.

Alexandra Daddario as Hawkeye/Kate Bishop

Kate is the daughter of a wealthy publisher. However, she never felt comfortable living a life of luxury, so she dedicated a lot of her time to charity. A skilled martial artist and deadly accurate with a bow, Kate decided to become the new Hawkeye and do even more to help those in need. Daddario faced monsters and gods in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief…let’s see how she’ll do against supervillains.

Spencer Locke as Stature/Cassandra “Cassie” Lang

The daughter of Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, Cassie grew up idolizing the life of the costumed hero. As Stature, Cassie joins a long line of size-altering heroes like her father, Hank Pym, and Janet Van Dyne. Spencer Locke played K-Mart in Resident Evil: Extinction…if you can dodge a zombie, you can dodge a villain.

Anton Yelchin as Iron Lad/Nathaniel Richards…

…and Vision/Jonas

Iron Lad is responsible for assembling the Young Avengers. Eventually, his armor becomes a newer, younger Vision (don’t ask, it’s complicated). I’d cast Yelchin because…I dunno, it just feels right.

Kevin G. Schmidt as Hulkling/Theodore “Teddy” Altman

As a Kree/Skrull hybrid, Hulkling has super strength, endurance, and shapeshifting abilities. However, Teddy may be the most “human” of any of the Young Avengers.

Nicholas Braun as Wiccan/William “Billy” Kaplan

Believed to be one of Wanda Maximoff’s twin sons, Billy has abilities that are similar to the Scarlet Witch’s chaos magic. Braun was (apparently) in Sky High and that’s good enough for me.

Max Thieriot as Speed/Thomas “Tommy” Shepherd

Billy’s twin brother, Speed somehow managed to inherit his Uncle Pietro’s speed-based powers and brash attitude. To be honest, I really only picked Thieriot because he played Ned in Nancy Drew

Sasha Alexander as Jessica Jones

and Dina Meyer as Kat Farrell

Jones and Farrell play a key role in the first arc of Young Avengers, as they investigate this new group of “Teen Avengers” for The Pulse.

Ryan McPartlin as Captain America/Steve Rogers

and Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man/Tony Stark

Let’s throw in a cameo by Captain America and Iron Man. Yes, I know that Chris Evans has been cast as Captain America and, while we have yet to see how he’ll do in the role, I really wanted McPartlin to get the gig. So, since it’s my movie, Chuck’s McPartlin will play Cap.

Clancy Brown as Kang the Conqueror

The time-traveling Kang has been plaguing the Avengers for years, so it’s only fitting that he’d also be a thorn in the side of the Young Avengers. Clancy Brown gives good villain. ‘Nuff said.