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The Guild Season 2 FTW!

The second season of Felicia Day and Company’s award-winning (and, quite frankly, damned hy-larious) web series, The Guild, has premiered.

New episodes will appear on MSN Video every Tuesday.  Go on, check it out.  You can also catch up with the first season on either MSN, The Guild‘s website, or YouTube.


"This Is Really Good Pudding."

The season finale of the award-winning web series, The Guild, has been posted.  Check it out:

Vote for The Guild in the 2007 YouTube Awards

Vote for Buffy alum Felicia Day’s awesomely funny web series, The Guild, in the 2007 YouTube Awards.

Watch the first episode and vote for it here in the Best Series category.

Trust me…they deserve it. Ms. Day and her role-playing cohorts are +5 to make you giggle and provide +3 to saving throws against boredom.

The Guild: Episode #7 Posted

The newest episode of The Guild has been posted. I really can’t express in words just how hy-larious this series is.

You can watch it on YouTube or The Guild‘s site.

Keep up the good work, guys!

Socially Awkward Yet Remarkably Hot Redheaded Nerd-Girls: UPDATE

After watching episodes 2 through 6 of The Guild, I can confidently say: “Yes, this is pretty damned funny.”  In my opinion, it’s a lot funnier than the handful of other Web series that I’ve seen (and my Web-Yoda, Johnny Brazil, who knows much more about these matters than I do, agrees).

It probably doesn’t hurt that Felicia Day–the creator, writer, and star–is a former member of The Joss Whedon Baggy-Pants Players. 

Oh, how I do love those former Whedonites!

The Guild: Okay, do people like this actually exist?

South Park‘s done it.  American Dad‘s done it.  The Simpsons even did it.  Are people really that obsessed with MMORPGs?  I’ve never played one…and have no desire to do so–I know, it’s probably a huge chink in my geek armor, but it doesn’t seem like my kinda thing.  But, it does seem to be a goldmine for comedy. 

Case in point: The Guild.  This Web series follows a group of MMORPG players who clearly have issues dealing with the real world.  I’ve only watched the first episode so far, but it’s pretty damned funny (although you probably shouldn’t take my word for it, since I’m a sucker for socially awkward yet remarkably hot redheaded nerd-girls):