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Everything is Shiny and New

Looks like it’s official.  The WGA Strike is over (and, it would seem, successful).

Welcome back, cats and kittens.  We’ve missed you.


Is it over? Are we finished?

Does this mean the writer’s strike is finally over?  Stories have been breaking every five minutes for the last few days, ever since corporate douche bag Michael Eisner told CNBC that the strike was over and done with.

I don’t want to count my chickens before they’re hatched, but it would be great news if the strike was over.  Great news for all of the people (writers and crew) who’ve been out of work since the strike started on November 5.  Great news for people like me who enjoy shows that don’t have the words “Who Wants to Be…” or “Are You…Than a…” in the title.  Plus, it shows that while the studios may bend over backwards to kiss the collective ass of the Directors Guild, without the people who put words on the page, our “genius filmmakers” don’t have anything to point their shiny cameras at.

Anyway, here’s hoping…

Funny to see where the real power lies

In its continuing coverage of the WGA strike, The New York Times has printed a list of past strikes in the entertainment industry, including how long they lasted. It’s funny that most of the strikes went on for weeks or months…except one:

1988: Writers strike, five months.
1987: Directors strike, three hours and five minutes.
1985: Writers strike, two weeks.
1981: Writers strike, three months.
1980: Actors strike, three months.
1960: Actors strike, six weeks.
1952: Actors strike, two and a half months.

WGA Strike

As a fan of un-reality TV, I’m more than a little concerned about this looming writer strike in Hollywood. I’m all for giving creative people the money they deserve (that’s why I won’t buy bootleg videos and DVDs), but we all know where this is going: 24 hours of reality television.

I don’t know about you, but when I turn on the boob-tube, I want to see House, C.S.I., or How I Met Your Mother…not I Wanna Be a Crack Whore and Who Wants to Blow My Uncle?

But, hey, that’s just me.