How Do We Make Power Girl Part of the Titans? I Figured It Out!

So, it’s been bugging me that Dick Grayson, Wally West, and Donna Troy all got to hang out and grow up together, but poor Power Girl (who’s essentially Supergirl Version 1.0) never got to be a part of the Teen Titans.

Is this a big deal? No, not really…but it throws the generational balance out of whack. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are friends. Their sidekicks are friends. Their former sidekicks are friends. Power Girl, however, hangs out with the old WWII heroes of the Justice Society–which makes sense when you remember that Power Girl was the Supergirl of Earth-Two, the same world where the JSA lived prior to the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline.

I really see no reason why Power Girl couldn’t have been a Supergirl back when Dick Grayson was Robin and Wally West was Kid Flash. It will require some rewriting of DC history and maybe borrowing a name here and there, but just hang in there. This is all in good fun. Sit back. Relax. Everything will be okay.

We all know that Clark Kent was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton. We also know that, when his planet was about to explode, his parents placed him in a rocket and launched him into the vast unknown of space. That rocket eventually crashes in Smallville, the baby is found and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent and grows up to become Superman.

What you may not know is, long before Krypton exploded, Kryptonians established a colony on the planet Daxam. Daxamites, like their Kryptonian cousins, develop super powers under the light from a yellow sun. (Unlike Kryptonians, Daxamites were not weakened by kryptonite–a trait that Power Girl shares.)

So, I propose that Power Girl should be a Daxamite–which would make her similar to Superman, but still unique, which is why we love Pee Gee in the first place. The Justice League would be off in some distant part of the galaxy, trying to help the oppressed or whatever, when they come across a derelict Daxamite ship. Investigating, they discover a sole survivor, a young girl named Cara Zel. When they return to Earth, they find that the yellow sun grants her powers similar to Superman. Taking the name Supergirl, Cara learns about her new home while also honing her powers. After several years, Cara decides to change her name to Power Girl and takes a new Earth identity: Karen Starr.


That brings us to the next generation of young heroes. Tim Drake becomes the new Robin; Cassie Sandsmark becomes the next Wonder Girl; Bart Allen becomes the new Kid Flash. What about a new Supergirl? This is where the Supergirl that most people are familiar with comes into play: Kara Zor-El, Clark Kent’s cousin. Kara was a teenager when Krypton exploded, but due to a cosmic incident, her ship crashes on Earth over twenty years later and, emerging from suspended animation, Kara learns that her baby cousin is now an adult and the planet’s premiere superhero.


There. Done. We get a current Supergirl, but we also give Power Girl a past that’s connected to heroes her own age, like Dick Grayson and Donna Troy.


5 responses to “How Do We Make Power Girl Part of the Titans? I Figured It Out!

  1. Love it! Though I love most things where people get to be friends with Dick Grayson (everyone should get to be friends with Dick Grayson).

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